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PlayStation Stars Is Now Available In Australia, Europe & New Zealand

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the release of PlayStation Stars in Australia, Europe and New Zealand territories, following its rollout in the US and Japan a month or so back.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty program that allows you to earn points to redeem on various goodies, including PSN wallet funds and content on the PS Store. Campaigns are offered for a chance to earn rewards, with one example being the Monthly Check-In, which simply asks you to play any game.

Other campaigns will require a little more of a challenge, such as unlocking a specific Trophy, win tournaments, or be the first player to grab the Platinum Trophy for a blockbuster game in your local time zone.

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PlayStation Stars also introduces digital collectibles, which are digital representations of various PlayStation-related items such as figurines of iconic characters and historical PlayStation devices.

Sony caused controversial among Japanese PlayStation Stars members when it was discovered that the highest tier members receive priority for customer service, something which was also later confirmed in the US version.

In addition, there were also reports of a hidden Diamond tier for PlayStation Stars, although Sony hasn’t said anything about it yet.