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Pornhub Year In Review – PS4 Pornhub Usage Is The Highest Among Consoles

Pornhub PS4

Well will you look at that? Porn industry leader Pornhub has completed its Pornhub Year in Review and has found that the PS4 commands the most traffic out of all other consoles that view the site.

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See? There’s even a fancy pie chart and EVERYTHING below which shows you this very fact!

Pornhub PS4
Pornhub Year in Review – Unsurprisingly, PS4 is on top. Like you didn’t know!

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Nicely, not only is PlayStation is on top, but the beloved PS Vita also gives good account of itself too – that gorgeous OLED screen and portability obviously being attractive boons for those who fancy a bit of Pornhub on the move.

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Brilliantly, Pornhub has provided a girth(wealth) of other ‘performance’ metrics too! For example, did you know that in the titanically epic Pornhub battle between Apex Legends and Fortnite, Respawn’s excellent free to play FPS had a hard peak of 357,701 daily searches on February 18th, 2019, while Fortnite averaged at roughly 151,000 daily searches across a one month period by comparison.

Pornhub Year In Review 1
Pornhub Year in Review: Apex Legends scored a hard peak of 357,701 daily searches on February 18th. What a performance!

That graph ‘peak’ though – I mean honestly.

Oh but wait – there’s more!

Pornhub Year in Review 2
Pornhub Year in Review – Overwatch is the most searched for video game on Pornhub. Congrats Blizz!

In terms of most searched video games, Blizzard straddles the top spot with Overwatch which actually gained a 9% growth year on year, followed by Fortnite and… Pokemon *barf*.

So what do you guys and gals think of this then? Are you surprised that the PS4 is, ahem, on top? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Pornhub