Project CARS new weather effects need to be seen to be believed – is this PS4’s best-looking racer?

It looks as if developer Slight Mad Studios’ decision to postpone the release of its premier racing simulator Project CARS has paid dividends – that is, if its latest video showcasing the fastidious racer’s new weather effects are anything to go by.

Taking place at the iconic Laguna Seca, the video painstakingly details a behind-the-wheel view of a weather-beaten race, complete with sharp turns and some truly incredible rain effects. The pelt of persistent water certainly gives a more manic and hurried feel to proceedings and that’s most definitely a good thing. It’ll be a piece of work to handle the car in such conditions, though, we imagine.

The unflinching realism at hand will be music to the ears of petrol heads, undoubtedly, as the Bandai Namco-published racer edges ever closer to its release.

Project CARS is scheduled to hit PS4’s starting grid on March 17 – in the meantime why not check out not one, but two of our hands-on time with the game. Spoiler: it’s shaping up to be incredible.

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