PS Plus Extra Game Boost Expands February 2018 Line-Up

February’s PlayStation Plus Games are now available to download on the PlayStation Store, but players have noticed another surprise!

Alongside Knack, Rime and a handful of other free games, those who downloaded Mercenary Kings when it was available in the PS Plus line-up way back in 2014 can get the upgraded edition for free.

Nice Upgrade for PS Plus February 2018

The run-and-gun shooter has been enhanced since the original game, and Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition features new weapons, crafting recipes and more. There’s a new mission called Steel Soldier and two playable characters.

In this side-scrolling shooter, which takes some inspiration from the Metal Slug series, there’s over 100 missions. And it supports four-player online and local co-op.

If you can’t remember whether you downloaded it – as it was almost four years ago- it’s worth checking because this PS Plus surprise has a lot more content that’s worth checking out. In addition, the Instant Game Collection in February 2018 also includes:

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