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PlayStation VR New Releases This Week – 15 September – September 21

PlayStation VR has proven itself as a viable platform for innovative gaming, with Sony releasing groundbreaking titles every week from a variety of developers. Now well established in it’s second year, PSVR is hitting its stride, with a variety of quality games reaching critical mass and meriting mainstream attention.

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With games like Blood and Truth, Beat Saber, Trover Saves The Universe, and AstroBot Rescue Mission bringing multitudes of new gamers into the VR fold, we thought we would shine a light on new (and possibly lesser-known) titles as they release.

This week brings two titles that promise to get a lot of attention: an RPG slasher/adventure hybrid, and a surprise adaptation of a classic comedy film.

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son

Developed by TequilaWorks, the team behind the PSVR cult classic The Invisible Hours, Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son places players squarely into the existential-crisis-inducing time loop experienced by Bill Murray in the beloved comedy classic.

Players take on the role of Phil Connors Jr., the jerky son of the original character. Phil Jr. has returned to Punxsutawney to capture a dedication ceremony for his blog. His late father is being immortalized with a statue, and Phil Jr. couldn’t be more irritated about the entire thing.

Here, I’ll let TequilaWorks explain it themselves: “In Groundhog Day: Like Father, Like Son, you’ll play as the charming but arrogant Phil Connors Jr., who grew up in the shadow of his father — a man who spent a lifetime repeating a single day until he had made it perfect. But for Phil Jr., today is the worst day of his life. He’s trapped back home in Punxsutawney, the small town he thought he’d escaped, where he can’t even get a decent cappuccino — and he’s going to have to repeat the day over and over, until he learns the true value of friends and family.”

Phil Jr. is no doubt saying some pretty gnarly things to these ladies. That’s how he rolls.

Groundhog Day got a lot of attention earlier this year when it was announced. PlayStation Universe is playing this one for review, so keep an eye out for that next week.

The official blurb from the PlayStation Blog reads as follows:

“You’re stuck in a time loop as Phil Connors, Jr., back in Punxsutawney for Groundhog Day in this virtual reality sequel to the iconic hit movie. Don’t worry, Ned will show you the way. But watch that first step — it’s a doozy! So why don’t you stay here a while?”

Witching Tower VR

Witching Tower VR, developed by Daily Magic Productions, has been bouncing around on Steam for about a year now. The game has garnered “Mostly Positive” reviews, with players particularly praising the visuals.

Witching Tower seems to be something of a genre mixer; a hack-and-slash game with some puzzle-solving and adventure elements mixed in.

The game’s description from Steam:

“It’s been six years since the Undead War shattered the world. Nightmares stalk the land, and sickness and death pervade the world. At the center of this nightmare, the Witching Tower’s Queen directs the chaos, feeding, and growing stronger.

“You have been chosen to survive by forces you don’t understand. You are Anna, a fugitive. For years, you have been hunted by the Tower’s forces, lead by the Queen of the Undead. Now, dragged to her in chains, you seem destined for a worse death than most. The Queen believes you possess a secret that can reshape the world, for good or for ill – and she’s determined to extract it from you.

Hmmmm….I could throw this torch, I could throw this bomb, or I could just spit on these guys….

“More than your life depends on you breaking out and surviving.”

The official blurb from the PlayStation Blog reads as follows:

“Immerse yourself in the dark fantasy world of the Witching Tower, a VR Action Adventure in which you solve puzzles, fight enemies, and uncover secrets. Explore the labyrinth of the Tower, unraveling each level’s new mysteries and unique gameplay mechanics.”

Are you looking forward to these titles? Let us know in the comments below.