Red Bull probably won’t give you wings, but it will definitely give you Destiny XP boosts and an in-game quest

So, Red Bull apparently ‘gives you wings’, though some people reckon otherwise. Anyhow, what we do know for sure is that buying cans of the energizing beverage in the U.S. and Canada shortly will net you a sweet Destiny XP boost.

In a special promotion, Activision has teamed up with the drinks manufacturer by offering specially-marked cans that sport redemption codes. The codes can be redeemed on a special Red Bull website, rather than in-game, and give players XP boosts and access to a new Destiny quest, which will launch in September alongside ‘The Taken King’ expansion.

While the XP boost will give players a 50 percent increase in experience gain over the course of half-an-hour, the quest is said to “test the speed and strategic abilities of players in new ways.”

You’ll spot the special Red Bull cans in 7-Eleven stores starting in July and throughout August. Walmart will also be supplying cans of Red Bull that offer a ‘Mega XP Accelerator’ around Destiny ‘The Taken King’s’ launch period.