Sony and Evolution are ’embarrassed’ by DRIVECLUB launch: ‘We apologise to any players affected’

While we found DRIVECLUB, working at its prime, to be among PS4’s best games, the launch situation and continued server problems have been embarrassments for Sony and Evolution Studios. PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara admitted to just that in an interview with IGN.

“It’s a disappointment,” said Gara about the frequent inability to connect to multiplayer races and challenges. “It certainly wasn’t any ill-intention on behalf of the team. It’s ambitious as a game; [Evolution is] as embarrassed as we are and all you can do in those situations is say sorry.

“We apologise to any players affected and are doing our damndest to make things right.”

That includes not releasing the long-promised PS Plus Edition of the game until both Sony and Evolution are absolutely sure the influx of players won’t cause the same issues that have plagued DRIVECLUB since launch. SCEA has previously cited Evolution’s inability to effectively test the online modes before release as one reason for the trouble.

We’ve been covering the issues since they began on Day One–check out our DRIVECLUB game page for all the news we’ve written.