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Sony Files New Patent Allowing The AI To Play Games For You During The Grind

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent for technology that is able to play portions of a game for you, something which MMORPGs have already utilised to ease the frustration of grinding levels.

The patent is titled ‘Method And System For Auto-Playing Portions Of A Video Game’ and is described as follows:

The auto-play mode uses data from the user play model to automatically play the AGC for the user using a gameplay style that simulates a gameplay style of the user. […] When gameplay of the AGC in auto-play mode is complete, a resume notification is presented to the display screen of the user device used by the user during the gameplay.

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The patent adds that the auto-play feature would utilise AI and trained models to make decisions on how to proceed in the absence of the user, and when it’s done grinding the player can take control of the game or let the AI continue.

By using auto-play mode, users can avoid the need to play parts of a game that they do not like playing and reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the game because the AI player can play the grinding portions of the game at a faster speed.

As always a patent filing doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be integrated into Sony hardware, but it’s definitely possible we may see this implemented into multiplayer games down the line.

[Source – Sony Patent via Exputer]