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Sony, Nintendo To Remain ‘Biggest Players In Traditional Gaming’ Even After Activision Blizzard Deal, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has unveiled a new website regarding its planning acquisition of Activision Blizzard, claiming that rivals Sony and Nintendo will remain the ‘biggest players’ as far as ‘traditional gaming’ is concerned, even after the deal is complete.

The Xbox format holder claimed that the acquisition will “benefit the gaming industry” and that it would result in “greater competition in traditional gaming, where Sony and Nintendo will remain the biggest.” The term ‘biggest’ isn’t clear here; it could mean console sales or simply that Microsoft views both companies as its biggest competition.

Players and developers are at the center of Xbox. We want to enable people to play games anywhere, anytime and on any device.

And developers deserve more options to build, distribute and monetize their groundbreaking games. When we do this, we all win. That’s why we’re sharing more on the industry and how our acquisition of ActivisionBlizzard fits into our gaming strategy.

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Microsoft goes on to add that the acquisition will benefit consumers, bringing “more games on more devices including Xbox, PlayStation, phones and online.”

The Xbox maker has come under a lot of scrutiny for the Activision Blizzard deal, and Sony hasn’t minced its words on the matter; Jim Ryan previously said that Microsoft’s promise to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation after its initial contract was ‘inadequate on many levels.’

Microsoft responded by stating that it makes ‘zero sense‘ to keep the multi-million selling franchise off PlayStation formats