Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 looks amazing, and here’s why

Speaking on the latest PlayStation Blogcast, Star Wars Battlefront producer, Sigurlína Ingvarsdóttir, has revealed how the development team has been able to create such impressive visuals for the PS4 version of the hotly anticipated shooter.

Ingvarsdóttir said that the team were able to squeeze a lot of power out of Sony’s black box due to being more familiar with the hardware. Specifically, working with Battlefield 4, which was a launch title for PS4, helped the studio acquaint itself with the various intricacies of the machine—and it’s quite clearly paid off.

DICE was “able to get the maximum out of the hardware, and really able to sort of harness that power," commented Ingvarsdóttir. The company also collaborated with engineers from Sony to facilitate Battlefront’s development. 

Star Wars Battlefront is due out in November for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Check out the debut trailer here, which has already been viewed by a considerable number of you, and have a gander at the latest screenshots while you’re at it.

via Attackofthefanboy