SteamWorld Dig on PS4, PS Vita is PlayStation EU’s Deal of the Week

SteamWorld Dig serves up an addicting combo of upgrades, tunnel-diving, and randomization. Factor in some colorful art and charming humor, and you’ve got an easy recommendation on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It’s a recommendation made even easier during this week, while SteamWorld Dig is discounted heavily for PlayStation Plus subscribers and regular users alike.

The discount, 50 percent for all gamers and 60 percent for Plus subscribers, brings the price of SteamWorld Dig down to €4.49/£3.69 and €3.60/£2.95, respectively. And it’s Cross-Buy–you’re getting both the PS Vita and PS4 versions for one very low price.

It’s all part of PlayStation EU’s Deal of the Week program. Check out the trailer below and our review to see if SteamWorld Dig might be right for you.