Tales of Zestiria to have Japanese & English audio, first trailer released

Tales of Zestiria will launch this fall in the west on the PlayStation 3 and with both the original Japanese dialogue audio and a full English dub with English, Spanish, and French subtitles.

Bandai Namco Entertainment also released a new trailer for the Japanese role-playing game. Zestiria stars a young hero named Sorey who assumes the role of the savior role of Shepherd. He’s joined by his best friend Mikleo and the Sacred Blade guardian Lailah aka Lady of the Lake on a grand fantasy journey during the Age of Chaos.

A new Fusion Battle System lets two characters combine together into a more powerful being to conquer difficult foes.

Check out some of the localized screenshots here. Look forward to future news on Tales of Zestiria and our review later this year on PSU.