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The Last Of Us HBO Will Split The Last Of Us Part 2’s Story Into 2 Seasons

The Last of Us HBO showrunner Craig Mazin has confirmed that the events of The Last of Us: Part II will be told through more than one season, with plans to make a third season of the show providing it sustains a big enough audience. This ties in with Mazin’s previous comments that he hopes to expand The Last of Us beyond Season 2.

It’s going to be more than one season. There’s more story, so this show will not end with Season 2 unless people don’t watch it and we’ll get canceled. Barring that, we will be doing some things exactly the way they were in the game.

We’re going to do other things that are in the game and we’re gonna do some things that are in the game but we’re gonna do them differently in our own method. No matter if you have played the game or not. You will be surprised as the season unfolds. We have some interesting twists and turns.

Elsewhere, Mazin explained that there’s a chance we may see flashback episodes featuring past characters, although he did rule out another Bill & Frank episode.

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There’s always a chance for everything. With us you never know, and we obviously don’t confine ourselves by timelines. People who are dead sometimes reappear and sometimes we meet people that we didn’t even know and then we find out that they are somebody. What you won’t see is, for instance, another very special episode with Bill and Frank, we aren’t going to milk it. When we do something that we think is beautiful, we let it be as it is and find other beautiful things to do.

The Last of Us HBO aired earlier this year and stars Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Back in May, it was reported that the show averaged 32 million viewers per episode.

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