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The Script For The Ghost Of Tsushima Film Is Now Finished, Creative Team Is “Very Close To Getting Our S*** Together” Says Director

Now that the Gran Turismo film is out there, and that at least one major aspect of Hollywood is no longer on strike, things are moving again for future PlayStation Productions projects.

Including the coming Ghost Of Tsushima film, as director Chad Stahelski says that the script is now complete, and that the creative team is “very close to getting our s*** together.”

Speaking during an interview, the John Wick franchise director not only provided an update on the film, but called Tsushima one of his “favourite properties of all time.”

“We have a script, we’re very close to getting our s*** together on that, as well. Development is always tricky, it’s studios, it’s strikes, and availabilities, and scouting. You have to will things into existence.

I think the two things that I am closest and most interested in are the Highlander and Ghost Of Tsushima, Both amazing, amazing properties, the story of Ghost is, also, one of my favourite properties of all time.”

Hopefully the strikes will end in a way that’s mimics the way the writers strike ended, and we can see even more updates regarding the upcoming film.

Source – [ScreenRant]