The Walking Dead Season 3: get your first look at the Telltale Games zombie romp this Sunday

Telltale Games has announced that fans will get their first glimpse at The Walking Dead Season Three this Sunday.

The next chapter in the episodic zombie adventure series will have its premiere during an IGN live stream at 3.00pm PST. 

According to the developer, the stream will offer a first “look at the new season” we’ll also “hear more from the team at Telltale on where things are headed next.”

Telltale previously confirmed that The Walking Dead Season Three will debut this fall, while its Batman video game will roll out in summer 2016.

Clementine returns for the third season of The Walking Dead

Details on The Walking Dead Season Three are largely unknown at this point, although Telltale has confirmed that Clementine will feature in some capacity in the game. The pint-sized heroine was previously the main character in Season Two and featured heavily in the first season.

In addition, Season Three will is also said to include more references to the comic book, with the creators of the game working closely with The Walking Dead head honcho, Robert Kirkman. 

The Walking Dead debuted in 2012 and was followed by the expansion 400 Days, with Season Two arriving in early 2014. The franchise has sold over 50 million copies worldwide to date and has picked up numerous Game of the Year awards.