‘There is no Vita version’ of Borderlands 2, says Pitchford, but teams have expressed interest

News broke last week on the possibility of a PlayStation Vita version for hotly-anticipated sequel Borderlands 2. Speaking at the Rezzed conference for PC/Indie games, Gearbox Software CEO and President Randy Pitchford was asked by a fan whether Borderlands 2 could come to the handheld, and he replied, "Perhaps some of you folks can convince Sony to start that."

At a recent preview event where I was given hands-on time with the game, I took the opportunity to ask Pitchford for clarification. When asked if any outside development teams had stepped forward to offer handling the port, Pitchford said that three teams have approached Gearbox since the news from Rezzed broke. He declined to name who those developers were, but he made sure to iterate that, currently, there is absolutely no PS Vita development occuring. The ball is firmly in Sony’s court in terms of approving and governing the porting process, and they’ve been unfortunately silent on the issue. Pitchford would’ve loved to see Borderlands 2 being played on a PS Vita at Sony’s E3 conference, but it simply never played out.

Stay tuned to PSU for more on all things Borderlands 2, and sound off in the comments if you’d like to see a crossplay-compatible version of the game come to PS Vita.