Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for PlayStation VR is a standalone game, will have plenty of levels

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, the upcoming on-the-rails horror title for PlayStation VR, is a full game and not an expansion to the existing teen horror title, developer Supermassive Games has said.

Speaking during an interview with VG247, the studio made it clear that the game is a standalone product and will include a healthy chunk of stages to enjoy; what we’ve seen so far is merely a taster of one of the game’s stages, so there’s plenty more content to come.

It’s a completely stand-alone product,” said Simon Harris, Executive Producer at Supermassive Games. “It’s not DLC, or anything like that. It’s its own product for PlayStation VR; it’s just set in the world of Until Dawn.

This game charts the descent into madness of one of the characters from the Until Dawn universe. As they play through, fans of the series will start to recognise very familiar locations, some things around the characters and other similar aspects.

It’s very much set in that world and that universe, but it’s a completely separate gameYou’re seeing a demo which is about seven minutes long. That’s about half of one of our levels, and there’ll be a good number of levels in the game.”

The whole thing is on-rails," added Harris. 

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was announced during Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference last Tuesday evening, though a release date has yet to be confirmed. However, with PlayStation VR due out in the first quarter of 2016, there’s a chance it might be a launch title, although that’s purely speculation on our part. Rush of Blood was unveiled alongside a slew of new titles at Paris Games Week, including Detroit, DriveClub Bikes, and Tekken 7.

Until Dawn was released on the PS4 in August of this year, and went on to achieve critical and commercial success—something which came as something of a surprise to Sony. Read our review of the horror title if you haven’t already done so. Supermassive Games has confirmed that it has had talks internally about a possible follow-up to Until Dawn, though nothing official has been announced as of yet.