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US PS5 Stock January 2021 – Find Out If PS5 Stock Is Back In Stock At Amazon, GameStop, Walmart And More

New PS5 Stock, When Is PS5 Back In Stock US, PS5 Stock 2021, PS5 Stock January 2021, Is PS5 Back In Stock. Much like the case in the UK, the Sony PS5 has been extremely difficult to get hold of since its November release, with many gamers eager to know when the console will be back in stock.

But when is PS5 back in stock in the US? When will retailers get their shelves stuffed with shiny PS5 boxes once again? Let’s look at what we know so far for some of the biggest retailers including Amazon, GameStop, Walmart and more!

PS5 US Stock January 2021 – When Is PS5 Back In Stock?


like its UK counterpart, Amazon US is currently out of stock of the PS5 and does not provide any details of when it’ll be available again.

Best Buy

Best Buy has currently sold out of both versions of the PS5, despite only receiving new stock the week of January 4.


GameStop recently restocked its supply of PS5 consoles, but have now sold out. Interestingly, they actually didn’t sell out as quickly as you may have thought. We’ll keep an eye on things for you.


By comparison to other retailers, Kohl’s is pretty lacking. There’s absolutely no PS5 consoles listed on the site, and not much else for that matter. Right now it’s unknown when they will restock the system.


Target is currently out of stock of PS5 consoles.


Despite being one of the biggest US retailers around, Walmart doesn’t even have a listing for the PS5 on its website, so we’ve no clue what’s going on right now!

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