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V.A.T.S. Says Fallout ’76 Has 0% Chance of Being a Hit – Digital Fiasco LIVE! Episode 68

Remember a week ago when we were almost ready to say that Fallout ’76 was getting better? Well you can forget that moment of wild eyed optimism. We’re going to talk about Fallout’s new fumble, the shambling horror that is WWE 2K20, Chicken Police, and more!

Hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard have rounded up all the week’s gaming news and rumors, and provide instant feedback via chat in real time! We’ll answer your questions, we’ll take your comments, and we’ll agree with you that Alpha Protocol is awesome, at least for now. (We’ll also talk about Xbox, Nintendo and PC gaming. Don’t judge). Join the chat and tell us what you think!

Tune in tonight at 8pm CT at

Digital Fiasco LIVE! Episode 68: V.A.T.S. Says Fallout ’76 Has 0% Chance of Being a Hit

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On The Subject Of Fucking Up, By Ubisoft,
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Fortnite’s User Litigation Testing
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Big Ticket: Fallout ’76 Fumbles The Fatman
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