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Condemned 2: Bloodshot
Sub Genre:
Survival Horror
Release Date (US):
March 11th, 2008
Release Date (UK):
March 14th, 2008
Online Players:
Monolith Productions
Sega Europe
M [Mature]
PSU Rank:
68 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
65 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on Xbox 360

About Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Players will assume the identity of Ethan Thomas, former Serial Crimes Unit investigator, who has been called back to duty to track down his missing partner. The disturbing events from Ethan’s past have left him a broken man – a desperate burnout drifting aimlessly through society in an inexplicable decline. Fighting inner demons throughout his one-man investigation into a sinister conspiracy, Ethan will need to use anything and everything in the environment to survive as he unravels the mysteries shrouding the city in darkness.



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Condemned 2: Bloodshot does so many things right but many things wrong as well. The weapon system is the highlight in this otherwise decent game.

We like

  • Brilliant weapon system
  • Excellent environments and graphical style
  • Fantastic forensic investigations

We dislike

  • Extreme darkness leads to frustrating exploration
  • Combat system falls apart when faced with multiple opponents
  • Audio glitches

See PSU's review on Metacritic & GameRankings

      If you’d give us a nickel for every time we’ve hit a bum in the face with a toilet seat in the last week, we’d be rolling in dough right now. Outside of that bizarre bathroom encounter on Monday (we don’t want to talk about it), these events have taken place within the gruesome world of Condemned 2: Bloodshot. As Condemned: Criminal Origins was an Xbox 360 launch title, Monolit...

Condemned 2: Bloodshot News

  • UK to see Condemned 2 delay

    In the sake of equality or perhaps just necessity, SEGA has pushed back the release of their upcoming first person survival horror title, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, back a week in the UK. This minor delay mirrors another seen by Condemned 2 in North America which we reported earlier today, with one...

  • Condemned 2 PS3 delayed in North America

    According to Internet reports, the PlayStation 3 version of SEGA’s upcoming Action/Thriller title, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, has been delayed in North America by approximately one week. Originally scheduled to ship to stores today (March 11) along side its Xbox 360 counterpart,

  • Condemned 2 to feature rewards similar to Uncharted

    Gamers who enjoyed collecting all of the rewards from certain tasks needing to be completed in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will be happy to know that the same will be offered through Condemned 2: Bloodshot.  In a recent press release, Sega has given a nice set of features to look forward to for ...

  • Nine minutes of gameplay for Condemned 2

    A new nine minute gameplay video was released for Condemned 2: Bloodshot yesterday. The video gives you a bit more depth into the new combat system setup for the sequel to the psychological thriller original. From Crime Scene Investigator gear to beautifully rendered graphics set with flawless f...

  • Condemned 2 to feature new online multiplayer modes

    SEGA's Condemned 2: Bloodshoot will include online multiplayer modes in its final release. Amongst the new modes is Crime Scene, which is a round-based competition to find and protect evidence, and Burn Rush, a team based race against time. In addition, there is Deathmatch, a classic free-fo...

  • New Condemned 2: Bloodshot trailer

    Condemned: Criminal Origins was a successful title in the next-gen format and brought gamers into a sick and twisted world of murder.  Releasing in 2008, Condemned 2: Bloodshot will be released on the PS3 and X360. Not a lot of news has been released on the mystery of the plotline; however, a ...

  • Sega reveals first quarter UK release dates

    Sega, unlike Ubisoft at the moment, has set firm release dates for their upcoming titles that are to be released during the first quarter (Jan, Feb, Mar) of 2008 in Europe. Condemned 2 has been delayed a mere two weeks and will be available on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 on...

  • Condemned 2 Bloodshot nearing Alpha build

    In a recent blog post, Condemned 2 Bloodshot Senior Producer Dave Hasle discusses his feelings on Monolith preparing the title ready for its Alpha Build. "The butterflies start to grow in my stomach around this time every project cycle – and it’s a good thing. It always happens ...

  • Condemned 2 announced

    Today SEGA announced Condemned 2: Bloodshot for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Condemned 2 is a sequel to Xbox 360 launch game Condemned: Criminal Origins.Once again you play as Ethan Thomas, tracking down your missing partner. Condemned 2 is a psychological first person action thriller, in whi...

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Features

  • PSU Exclusive Interview: Condemned 2: Bloodshot

    Developed by Monolith Productions, Condemned 2: Bloodshot immerses the player back into the world of macabre like characters and shady environments made best known by its predecessor Criminal Origins. In our exclusive interview with Dave Hasle, the games Senior Producer, unravels all new de...

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