Simon Sayers – General Manager

Simon lives in the UK and oversees the daily running of the site. He’s been working in the videogames industry for over 12 years and loves nothing more than spending his evenings snuggled up on the sofa with an RPG, or tucked up in bed with his PlayStation Vita.

Christopher Clement – Community and IT Manager

Chris is a long-time member of the PSU forums, avid gamer, and all-around nerd. He lives with his wife and two sons in the state of Georgia in the United States. At PSU, Chris is in charge of site programming, design, and IT management. He also serves as PSU’s Community Manager.

Outside of PSU, Chris has nearly 15 years of software development experience.

John-Paul Jones – Managing Editor

More often than not, hobbies and pastimes are instrumental in keeping an individual along the straight and narrow, and in the case of John-Paul (‘JP’ to his mates or those who are adverse to double-barrelled names), gaming has proven key in keeping him out of all kinds of trouble that, quite frankly, his dear old mum wouldn’t approve of.

Based in the UK and a gamer since 1983 where the titles had pixels the size of your thumb and sound effects akin to a dying 56K modem, he’s owned and played games on just about every system from the ZX80 to the PS4 Pro. Currently, he finds himself infatuated with Sega’s Yakuza series to the extent that it’s almost as if somehow he’s living the Tokyo gangster lifestyle vicariously through the likes of Kazuma Kiryu and company.

He’s also one of the very few PS4 gamers in the world that’s utterly obsessed with Mount & Blade: Warband, and in case we forget, he has also has a taste for the old whiskey too; not that the latter affects his Super Serious Games Writing one jot. Nope, not one.

A scribbler of all things games related for well over 15 years, John-Paul’s love of writing about games is equalled only by his love of playing the things, but don’t ask him about Overlord: Fellowship of Evil though; the poor soul still suffers the worst flashbacks and nobody deserves to have that sort of thing in their life really.

You can however, along with the rest of his followers, join in their collective despair by following him on Twitter.

Tim Nunes – Senior Editor

Tim has taken a great deal of personal insight from video games: following beliefs, learning from mistakes, and loving anything that Hideo Kojima dreams up. Accompanying his love for gaming is his wont for linguistic fortitude. Even as a kid, he would play games like Soul Reaver 2 with captions, letting the complex language sink in until it stuck–but that was before the PlayStation brand completely sank in.

The astounding, mature content that Hideo Kojima has brought to the industry sparked a following in Tim that won’t be extinguished, believing that mature, life-oriented stories in the gaming industry will make video games as relevant as movies and books already are.

Tim Nunes is a Bachelor’s graduate out of small-town Southwest Minnesota State University, and he treats everything he does like a philosophy. Regarding video games, literature, American football, or anything you may love to talk about, feel free to reach out to Tim on his official Twitter page.

Kyle Prahl – Senior Editor

An advocate for video games from a very young age, Kyle loves telling people why this medium is important, meaningful, and worth their time. It’s that drive that first brought him to PlayStation Universe in 2012, and being a champion for Sony’s thriving ecosystem continues to fuel his writing. His earliest gaming memories include trading Pokémon rumors on the playground and sneaking away from family reunions to play Crash Bandicoot, but these days, he’ll play just about anything that pushes the medium forward in some regard. A few of his favorite recent titles include Horizon Zero Dawn, NieR: Automata, and Final Fantasy XIV. If you care about PlayStation or the life of a pale Midwesterner, you should follow him on Twitter.

Adam Byrne – Senior Editor

Hailing from just outside of Dublin, Ireland, Adam has a fiery penchant for video games, sport and everything in-between. Having started out mashing random buttons on the Super Nintendo’s Action Replay for fun in his infancy to cowering behind the couch in sheer dread of Resident Evil 2, he’s been around the gaming block – in one form or another – for over fifteen years.

Hoping to get a foothold in the industry he holds so dear, Adam’s risen up the ranks quickly here at PSU and looks set to continue his work long into the future. If he’s not writing about all things PlayStation you can find him trawling through the forums under the handle ‘Shockwave’ or taking on all-comers in FIFA.

You can find Adam on Twitter or by his PSN ID: NeoShockWave.

Ernest Lin – Senior Editor and Social Media Manager

Ernest began his life as a gamer after his parents gave him an obscure floppy disk game titled, “Santa Saves Christmas.” After that, he often would play games on his computer programmer mom’s (at the time) high-tech Pentium 1 computer. Now a cross-platform gamer, he has owned Sega, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony consoles over the years. Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Uncharted, Marathon, and Bioshock are among his favorite franchises. His favorite game genres include action/adventure, shooter, rhythm, and quirky Japanese games.

Aside from gaming, Ernest is an avid follower of film, technology, Japanese culture, marketing, and anime. After living across the United States while growing up, traveling became one of his favorite pastimes. Over the years, he’s spent summers in Taiwan and Japan.

You can follow Ernest on Twitter

Jack McCaskill – Editor-At-Large and Digital Fiasco Producer

Hailing from parts unknown, Jack McCaskill is more machine than man, twisted and evil. He doesn’t agree with the other four dentists, and always stays crispy in milk. Will defend Alpha Protocol unto his death.

Dan Vinci – Editor-At-Large and Digital Fiasco Creative Director

Able to leap tall couches in a single bound, talented artist and agent provocateur, but strangely cannot abide messy piles of tokens.

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