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DOOM 3 BFG Edition
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Release Date (US):
October 16th, 2012
Release Date (UK):
October 19th, 2012
Online Players:
id Software
M [Mature]
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0 of 1166 Games
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0 of 0 Games
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Also available on PC and Xbox 360.

About DOOM 3 BFG Edition

An enhanced version of Doom 3, the BFG Edition includes Trophies/Achievement support as well as enhanced visuals, sound and 3D support.

DOOM 3 BFG Edition News

  • DOOM reaches 20th Anniversary, celebrations across the web

    DOOM is 20 years old today, which has sparked celebration on many gaming websites. The game was originally released for PC, and is regarded as being one of the most important titles in the evolution of the first person shooter--perhaps the most important genre in modern gaming. It was also a high...

  • Doom 3: BFG Edition launch trailer

    Bethesda has unveiled a gloomy, blood-drenched launch trailer for the upcoming BFG Edition of Doom 3. For those out of the loop, the BFG Edition remasters the seminal shooter and its expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil, in high-definition and also includes the original Doom and its sequel. C...

  • Feast your eyes on these new Doom 3 BFG Edition screens

    Doom 3 will be receiving a high-definition makeover later this year in the shape of the BFG Edition, giving PlayStation 3 owners a chance to finally experience the seminal shooter from id Software. In addition to a visual upgrade, the Doom 3 BFG Edition also packs enhanced sound, a checkpoint sav...

  • New Doom 3 BFG screenshots

    Bethesda has unveiled a fresh batch of screenshots for its upcoming BFG edition release of seminal shooter Doom 3. Check out a taster image below, then blast your way through the undead hordes to our Doom 3 gallery to view the full bunch. Doom 3 BFG Edition is due out on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbo...

  • Doom 3 BFG gets new, terrifying trailer

    iD Software may be capitalizing on the fact that HD remakes and collections are all the RAGE (tee hee) these days, but there's plenty of reason to be excited for Doom 3 BFG Edition. This ultimate gathering of Doom awesomeness will contain HD versions of all three Doom games alongside Trophy support ...

  • John Carmack's passion for 3D will bring Doom 3 to life on PS3

    With so many HD remasters of PlayStation 2 classics coming out lately, it's strange to think that a PC game from 2004 will soon be coming to consoles as well. Doom 3: BFG Edition seeks to take everything you know about this horror classic and turn it up to 11, bringing 720p HD, Trophy and multiplaye...

  • Doom 3 BFG Edition dated, priced

    Bethesda’s staple-gunned a European release date of October 19, 2012 to the upcoming Doom 3 BFG Edition. The game will arrive in North America a few days earlier on October 16.  For those out of the loop, the Doom 3 BFG Edition takes the original PC horror classic and polishes it up...

  • E3 2012: Doom 3 BFG Edition screenshots

    Bethesda has exhumed some gory screenshots of its upcoming ‘BFG’ edition of horror classic Doom 3. Grab a flashlight and take a look at some quick screens below, then equip yourself with a Shotgun and head over to our grisly Doom 3 gallery to view the full batch. Doom 3 BFG Edition is...

  • Doom 3 BFG Edition announced

    Id Software’s classic horror shooter Doom 3 will be hitting PlayStation 3 this fall in the shape of the BFG Edition, Bethesda has announced. Doom 3 BFG Edition, also due out on PC and Xbox 360, offers a remastered version of the 2005 original, as well as expansions Resurrection of Evil and ...

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