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May 8th, 2012
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May 9th, 2012
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Plastic Studios / Sony Santa Monica
Sony Computer Entertainment
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Exclusive to PlayStation 3.

About Datura

Datura is an atmospheric adventure game where players utilize the PlayStation Move (or regular control pad) to navigate the environment - including a moody forest - by moving their character's hand.



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Despite being woefully short and lacking some genuinely challenging puzzles, Datura is still a captivating and unique experience worth checking out.

We like

  • The scrumptious visuals
  • The great use of PS Move
  • Superb atmosphere and score

We dislike

  • The short game length
  • Puzzles are too easy
  • Some annoying slowdown and minor hiccups

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After wrapping up my first play through of Datura, I wasn’t quite sure what to think – it really is that unique. However, one thing that was abundantly clear is that I hadn’t played anything like this on PlayStation Network, and am not likely to for quite some time either. An adventure game at its core, Datura – named after the eponymous, potentially-hazardous form of plant life you’ll spot f...

Datura News

  • Datura launch trailer

    Sony has lifted the wraps off the official launch trailer for quirky PlayStation Network title Datura. Check it out below. The PlayStation Move-based adventure game hit the U.S. PlayStation Store yesterday, and arrives in Europe today. Developed by Plastic Studios in conjunction wi...

  • Datura release date announced

    Sony has staple-gunned a U.S. release date to upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive outing Datura, confirming the game will up for download on May 8, 2012. The game will then hit the European PlayStation Network the next day. Developed by Sony Santa Monica in collaboration with Plastic Studios, Dat...

  • First Datura screens arrive

    Sony has lifted the veil on the first batch of screenshots for upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive Datura. Check out a couple of images below, then hit up our Datura gallery to have a gander at the full collection. Currently in development at Plastic Studios with help from Sony Santa Monica, ...

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