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MLB 09: The Show
MLB 09
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Release Date (US):
March 3rd, 2009
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Online Players:
E [Everyone]
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209 of 1166 Games
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182 of 0 Games
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Also available on PS2 and PSP

About MLB 09: The Show

MLB 09: The Show continues to set itself apart from the other MLB games on the market with its attention to detail and unparalleled gameplay. Looking to build on that reputation, the game has added several new features and subtleties that play a huge role in bringing the baseball experience to life. Incredible stadium detail and signage, wear and tear on the field, dusk to night lighting transitions, and stadium JumboTron animations help immerse users in the ultimate baseball experience.



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MLB 09: The Show improves on enough aspects of its predecessor to warrant its yearly purchase. With advancements in the Road to the Show and Franchise modes, gamers will be playing this title all year.

We like

  • The new training modes for Road to the Show
  • The hot shot and bobble fielding situations
  • The lighting and precise detail of the stadiums

We dislike

  • That online play isn’t as fluid as it needs to be right now

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It’s that time of year again when the snow trickles away, the air warms up, and parents bring their kids to Spring Training to get a first glimpse at the superstars of tomorrow. Baseball season is right around the corner, and with it comes the annual release of what has quickly become the gaming industry’s greatest baseball franchise, MLB: The Show. Last year’s release, MLB 08: The Show, corrected some of...

MLB 09: The Show News

  • MLB 09: The Show requires massive install

    Hard drives are like arteries -- when they're clogged, you've got a problem. Are you a big baseball fan? If so, it might be time to upgrade your hard drive. When our review copy of MLB 09: The Show floated into our mailbox today, we were a bit disappointed to discover that it, like so many other ...

  • MLB 09: The Show sneaks a demo onto today's update

    Are you itching to start Spring Training early this year? So are we. That's why when we found out that SCE San Diego planned to release a 4-inning demo of MLB 09: The Show in today's PlayStation Store update, we were stoked. According to members of the development team, the demo is taken from an...

  • Words cannot describe MLB 09: The Show

    SCE San Diego threw a community get together over this past weekend to give Community Leaders the opportunity to grab some hands-on time with every PlayStation fans favorite baseball title, MLB 09: The Show.  We’ve compiled a selection of images for your viewing pleasure below. All...

  • MLB 09: The Show evolves with the game

    The football season has pretty much wrapped up with only one game left on the schedule; so, what does that mean? Well, it means it's time to turn our attention to America's other national past time, baseball. Each year The Show demonstrates an uncanny ability to one-up the previous installment i...

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