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MLB 11: The Show
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Release Date (US):
March 8th, 2011
Release Date (UK):
March 10th, 2011
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SCE Studios San Diego
Sony Computer Entertainment
E [Everyone]
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also on PSP.

About MLB 11: The Show

MLB 11 The Show is set again to provide fans with an unparalleled baseball experience with even more features and modes destined to quicken the heart, raise the stakes, and hurl you further into the true MLB baseball experience. Leading off on the new features set for PS3 is the addition of the Pure Analog Control System, which includes analog controls for hitting, pitching, and throwing, adding more precision and accuracy to all three disciplines. Next up is the newly added Co-op Mode, which allows up to four-player offline or online cooperative play where gamers can split duties covering either the infield or outfield. The fifth generation of Road to The Show returns in version 5.0 bringing a new interactive slider set to the Create Player process, new training modes triggered by the Player Performance Evaluator, Minor League substitution logic improvements, advancement system improvements that now compare your stats versus your competition in the organization, and the new No Assist Fielding option to make the fielding experience even more realistic. And for the fully immersive big league experience, Additional new features MLB 11 offers options for stereoscopic 3D functionality in all modes and PlayStation Move motion controller support in the Home Run Derby mode.



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MLB 11: The Show delivers a home-run thanks to new analog controls, authentic and detailed stadiums, and overall terrific presentation.

We like

  • The level of authenticity on offer
  • The improved pitching thanks to the Pure Analog Control System
  • The stadiums, which are extremely individualized and detailed

We dislike

  • The poor commentary
  • The long load times
  • Career modes needed more tweaking

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