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Spiders Games
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460 of 1166 Games
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331 of 0 Games
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Also available on Xbox 360 and PC

About Mars

Mars aims to renew the RPG gaming experience with more intuitive, faster and more gratifying action phases, while at the same time keeping the specific main features of the genre. The idea is to blend two genres, Beat’em all Action and RPG, combining character progression, immersion, equipment collection, additional quests and a solid storyline with rhythmic combat sequences, a sense of power from the beginning of the game and of course QTE and bosses with sequential behaviour. This combination leads to a true innovative gameplay supported by many other key features : You can choose between two characters whose different stories intertwine and whose skills vary. The game’s environment has been designed to be an asset in itself, or an important part of the gameplay, with lighting effects which create unprecedented combat situations. The world created for Mars has been designed to offer a true voyage in the heart of a totally new universe mingling decadent futuristic technology and precarious survival on a planet with highly extreme conditions. The storyline leads you to discover your own identity in a web of political intrigue and complex conflicts between forces, allowing you to better understand the world you are travelling. Many scripted sequences give rise to the action and storyline, creating unforgettable moments.

Mars News

  • Spiders Games reveals Mars gameplay footage

    Spiders Games has released a new gameplay video for its upcoming action RPG, Mars. According to Spiders' website, Mars will put players in "a credible futuristic world" where learning to adapt to your surroundings is key to survival. Also, the storyline is said to include a "comple...

  • New PS3 exclusive action RPG, Mars, announced

    Mars, a sci-fi action RPG, has just been announced for the PS3 and PC. While it's not technically a "full" PlayStation 3 exclusive, it's exclusive to the PS3 on consoles. Surprisingly, Mars is set in a futuristic society on Mars. We never saw that one coming. You'll roam the world to d...

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