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Medal of Honor: Airborne
Sub Genre:
First Person
Release Date (US):
November 19th, 2007
Release Date (UK):
December 7th, 2007
Online Players:
EA Los Angeles
Electronic Arts
T [Teen]
PSU Rank:
133 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
122 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on Xbox 360 and PC

About Medal of Honor: Airborne

Step into the boots of Boyd Travers, Private First Class of the 82nd Airborne Division and engage in battles throughout Europe. From rocky beginnings in Sicily to war-winning triumphs in Germany, each mission begins behind enemy lines, with an intense and fully interactive airdrop. Your ability to determine your own starting point dramatically changes the way each mission plays out. View the entire operation from the air, and then control your parachute to choose your landing spot. On the ground, gather your senses and assess the terrain. A wide variety of authentic, customizable weapons are at your disposal, each with distinct characteristics. Choose your path in this free roaming FPS environment. The producers sought counsel from numerous expert sources to make certain the game is historically accurate and as true to the WWII Airborne experience as possible.



Cheat: Infinite Ammo

Enter the following code during gameplay to call up the code screen: Hold L1 and R1, and insert Square, Circle, Triangle, X, X. Then, for infinite ammunition, insert this code: Hold L1 and R1, and insert Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle....

Medal of Honor: Airborne News

  • EA explains PS3 Medal of Honor delay

    Earlier this week Electronic Arts reported that Medal of Honor Airborne would be release on the PC and Xbox 360 late August, and that the PlayStation 3 version would be coming out later in November. Now EA has explained why exactly the PlayStation 3 version has been delayed. Patrick Gilmore, exe...

  • Medal of Honor Airborne Start Anywhere Trailer

    Developed by EA, Medal of Honor Airborne will allow the player to land anywhere in the battle zone adding an infinite variation to how the player can beat the mission. This new trailer entitled "Start Anywhere" shows how gamers can skydive from the plane and strategize where to land to hol...

  • Medal of Honor: Airborne to be PS3 launch title?

    The game - currently referred to as Medal of Honor Airborne - has been in development for six months and is intended to be a PS3 launch title, according to sources close to EA. The game will be, surprise-surprise, a First Person Shooter following a group of paratroopers, making no real departures fr...

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