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NCAA Football 09
Sub Genre:
American Football
Release Date (US):
July 15th, 2008
Release Date (UK):
July 15th, 2008
Online Players:
Electronic Arts
E [Everyone]
PSU Rank:
110 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
105 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on Xbox 360, PSP, Wii, and PS2

About NCAA Football 09

Feel the electricity of Big Play Saturday with NCAA Football 09! Powered behind groundbreaking gameplay controls and unique college-style animations, NCAA Football 09 arrives on campus with all the excitement and pageantry of a storied college bowl game. Develop a loyal fan base with an adrenaline-pumping Home Field Advantage and see if you can build your legacy in the Online Dynasty Mode. With authentic collegiate gameplay and thousands of school specific plays, college Saturdays jump to life like never before with NCAA Football 09!



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NCAA 2009 is a step above its previous installment and shows EA Sports is dedicated to improving the brand name they’ve created.

We like

  • Online Dynasty is fantastic
  • Custom Stadium Sounds system is innovative
  • Atmosphere is dead on

We dislike

  • Shimmy can toy with the AI
  • Broken defensive zones
  • Player vs. player experience

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Author's note: Unlike any review previously done here on PlayStation Universe, I feel that this review will need to be divided into several parts. The first part will handle the bulk of the title including Dynasty mode, Campus Legend mode, gameplay elements and mini-games. However, the second part of the review will focus completely on the human vs. human aspect by covering the various gameplay elements tackled in this styl...

NCAA Football 09 News

  • NCAA 2009 trailer

    College football gaming is just around the corner, so prepare to take time off work to start building your favorite schools next unrivaled Dynasty.  EA Sports has released a fantastic trailer for their upcoming title, NCAA 2009.  Though the trailer is built from the 360 version of the game...

  • EA reveals impressive feature set for NCAA 2009

    College football fans don't have that much longer to wait until they can get their hands on the newest installment of NCAA Football 2009. With each passing year of the current generation of gaming, we've watched EA Sports slowly improve certain aspects of the game and also create other bugs that det...

  • NCAA '09 to be 60 FPS and more

    EA Sports may catch a lot of flack from the gaming community about subpar ports to the PlayStation 3 or games that may be filled with bugs. Fortunately for sports fans though, NCAA '09 will come through with the promise EA had made last year.  Kendall Boyd, NCAA Football product manager, has st...

NCAA Football 09 Features

  • How to get the most out of NCAA 2009

    In North America, there are two videogame releases on a yearly basis that draw more crowds than any other game release. These happen to be NCAA and Madden football, which are developed and published by EA Sports. After a couple of lackluster seasons from both franchises, the teams at EA have bolted ...

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