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  • Still finding PixelJunk Monsters too difficult?

    It's no secret that gamers have complained about the default difficulty behind the Q-Games sensation PixelJunk Monsters. With most players crying foul on how difficult the game can be even with a teammate, it comes as no shock that a patch will be released that includes difficulty settings. This tur...

  • PixelJunk Monsters soundtrack available later today

    According to the Official PlayStation Blog, you can expect the PixelJunk Monsters soundtrack to be the first full album release onto the PlayStation Store. Expected to release later today within the US Store's update, the PJM soundtrack will feature an assortment of Otograph tracks for your enjoymen...

  • PixelJunk Monsters Encore dated

    Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has announced that PixelJunk Monsters Encore will be released on the US PlayStation Store this Thursday. Speaking on the official PlayStation Blog, SCEA Santa Monica Associate Producer, Matt Morton, revealed that the expansion pack would cost USD 5.99 t...

  • Sony prepping US PixelJunk Monsters expansion for April

    Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has confirmed that it will be releasing the expansion for PixelJunk Monsters, Encore, in North America some time in April 2008. The expansion will feature 15 new stages to play through, new visuals including weather effects, as well as various tweaks to ...

  • Expansion for PixelJunk Monsters in the works

    With addictive tower-defense style gameplay, and the ability to play on the go on your PSP via remote play, what's not to like about PixelJunk Monsters? Not much, if you ask us. Rabid fans have been e-mailing Q-game begging for an expansion, and they've responded: "Thanks for the mail! We a...

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