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  • PS Move opens up PS3 to new range of genres, says Farsight

    The developer behind Brunswick Pro Bowling has touched on the subject of PlayStation Move, stating that the upcoming peripheral opens up Sony’s PlayStation 3 to a whole new range of genres. Speaking in a fresh development diary entry, Farsight boss Jay Obernolte commented, “It opens u...

  • Sega's Move and Natal games to attract PS2 crowd

    SEGA has plans to announce titles for Move and Natal at E3 that will appeal to the PlayStation 2 crowd. Speaking with IndustryGamers, SEGA West President Mike Hayes says “We’re very supportive of both [controllers]. It’s too early to give out details on that, but we’ll pr...

  • PS Move sub-controller gets official name

    Sony has staple-gunned an official name to the sub-controller that comes packaged with PlayStation Move – take note folks, it’s known as the Navigation Controller. News comes following an FCC filing on the device spotted by the folks at Engadget – and sure enough, Sony has alter...

  • Sony explains why it passed on Natal technology

    Sony America’s Dr Richard Marks has revealed that the platform holder rejected 3D camera technology similar to that utilized in Microsoft’s Project Natal as it proved too expensive and featured similar applications to those already achievable with PlayStation Eye.   While a fan of...

  • Fils-Aime says there's no point in getting Move if you have a Wii

    Nintendo of America chief Reginald ‘Reggie’ Fils-Aime has said that he feels there is little point in consumers investing in PlayStation Move if they already own a Wii. Speaking to the chaps at Industry Gamers, Fils-Aime feels there would be little to motivate punters who own Nintendo&r...

  • PS Move is system-driver, says Denny

    Michael Denny, European vice president at Sony Worldwide Studios, has stated his belief that the company’s upcoming PlayStation Move peripheral will prove a vital component in boosting PlayStation 3 sales. When asked by the chaps at as to whether or not he thought the new device woul...

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