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PlayStation Move
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About PlayStation Move

Move is the motion controller for the PlayStation 3. Using the PlayStation Eye to track the glowing rubber ball on top of the controller, Move is the most precise motion controller on the market.



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Move is the most precise motion controller on the market and offers a brand new gaming experience on the PS3. With the launch of Move, Sony appears poised to change its game and introduce a new generation to the PlayStation brand. With triple-A titles launching around the holidays, even core gamers will have plenty of reason to see what all the buzz is about.

We like

  • The precise tracking capabilities
  • Move provides a unique gaming experience to the PS3
  • The built-in vibration is even more responsive than the DualShock 3's

We dislike

  • The PS Eye's sensitivity can create problems in brightly lit rooms
  • Pricing may keep some away
  • Move's performance is largely based on the software

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For as long as there’s been a PlayStation 3, Sony has consistently touted that all of its consoles are built and marketed with a 10-year life span. So when the PS3 was released, complete with its beefy horsepower and a price tag to match, Sony wanted to provide features later into its lifespan to increase the console’s appeal. One of those new features is nearly within consumers’ grasp—the PlayStation M...

PlayStation Move News

  • Sony announces PlayStation Move Essentials bundle

    Sony has lifted the lid on a PlayStation Move Essentials bundle. Set to retail for $69.99, the bundle will include the PS Move controller itself, PlayStation Eye, a demo disc, plus a voucher for Just Dance 3. Sony hasn’t yet confirmed what games are on the demo disc, though it'll includ...

  • E3 2012: Check out the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel

    Sony will release a steering wheel peripheral for its PlayStation Move controller this fall, the company has announced. Retailing for $40, the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel will be compatible with a number of existing software including Gran Turismo 5, Burnout Paradise, Need for Speed: Hot Pursui...

  • PlayStation Move ships over 10 million globally

    Sony’s confirmed that it has shipped 10.5 million PlayStation Move units to retailers worldwide. Speaking at GDC this week, Sony’s field developer support engineer Gabe Ahn didn’t divulge any sales figures for the waggle stick, though did say the platform holder considers Move &...

  • PlayStation Move 'should have done better' in U.K.

    Sony’s U.K. overlord Fergal Gara has admitted that PlayStation Move should have done better in the territory in terms of sales. Chatting with MCV, Gara noted the peripheral has gained a “solid foothold” in the U.K., and revealed Sports Champions – perhaps unsurprisingly &n...

  • Report: PS Move has sold nine million

    IndustryGamers reports that PlayStation Move has sold nine million units worldwide, putting it within striking distance of Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral.  Sony’s motion-sensing controller has been selling at a steady pace since its launch in September 2010, while Kinect got off to ...

  • PlayStation Move ships 8.3 million worldwide

    PlayStation Move has shipped 8.3 million units globally, Sony has announced. The figure was confirmed by Gabe Ahn, a developer support engineer for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), during the GDC Online event this week. The last update on PS Move came in April, when Sony revealed the mo...

  • PS Move, Kinect are "experiments" for next-gen, says 2K

    Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K Games, has said that Sony and Microsoft are using their respective motion-sensing peripherals as a means of testing the waters ahead of the next console generation. Speaking to MCV, Hartmann described Kinect and PlayStation Move as “experiments,” an...

  • Pachter: US Kinect sales outstripping PS Move by 5:1

    Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter’s said that Xbox 360 Kinect hardware bundles are outselling rival Sony’s PS3/PlayStation Move console packs by a ratio of 5:1 in the US. Speaking in light of February NPD numbers, Pachter observed that over two thirds of Xbox 360 console sales we...

  • [UPDATE] Worldwide PS Move shipments top 4.1 million

    UPDATE: Sony has since clarified that the number represents units shipped to retailers, not sold. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Sony has revealed that PlayStation Move has shifted 4.1 million units globally since its release back in September. The platform holder didn’t lift the cloth on any sales d...

  • PS Move Star Wars would be "damn better" than Kinect game, says Mikhailov

    Sony America R&D chap Anton Mikhailov has tossed fresh mud in the direction of rival Microsoft over its planned Star Wars Kinect title, claiming “there’s no way” the tech could ever deliver a robust lightsaber experience. The engineer didn’t mince his words during a c...

PlayStation Move Features

  • Is there any hope left for PlayStation Move?

    When Sony announced PlayStation Move back at E3 2009, the device was met with a somewhat muted response from consumers and critics alike. After all, Nintendo had already cornered the market of controller waggling grannies and soccer mom’s with its ubiquitous Wii console, and for many, PS Move ...

  • [UPDATE] Giveaway: Move Charge Station (North America only)

    UPDATE: The competition is over and we have selected a winner at random. We’d like to congratulate the following user, who will receive one Charge Station: 128 - GreyFox747 The winner will receive an email addressed to the account used to register for PSU. We’d like to thank every...

  • The sleek Move Charge Station that deserves your $20

    Move introduced a whole new audience to the PlayStation 3, and while rival Microsoft’s Kinect currently seems to have nabbed the media spotlight, Sony’s motion-controller has nonetheless managed to penetrate millions of homes worldwide. Racking up global shipments of more than four milli...

  • PlayStation Move Buyer's Guide

    Well, here we are. After unwrapping the first details on the PlayStation 3’s answer to the Wii-mote back at E3 2009, Sony will finally be unleashing its wand-waggling foray in to the motion-sensing market this week with the launch of PlayStation Move. As regular readers will no doubt alrea...

  • PSU Video: Move in action with tutorial

    When it comes to major changes in your favorite console, seeing is believing. With that in mind, here is a video showing more details of Sony’s PlayStation Move. If for some reason you are brand new to Move, I’ll give you a brief explanation in the video below. Move launches later th...

  • PSU: A look inside Move, as told by video

    Today we received a review kit for the PlayStation Move. The package included a PlayStation Eye, two Move controllers, and several games, including Sports Champions, which will be included in Move bundles when it is released next week. If you are a regular visitor of PlayStation Universe, you pro...

  • PSU's PlayStation Move coverage starts here

    Sony’s bid into the motion controller market is nearly upon us. PSU is lucky enough to get an early set of Move motion controls and several games to try. Our goal is to give you tons of Move coverage over the next week so you know what to look for when the controller officially launches next w...

  • PS3 Games That Could Benefit From PlayStation Move

    Have you been day-dreaming about PlayStation Move and its wealth of possibilities? As you can imagine, we have, hence the article you’re about read! Now, indulge us in our fantasies for just a few minutes. We’re not saying that implementing PlayStation Move into these games would be poss...

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