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  • PS3 Game of the Month: April 2012

    After a fairly relentless period of triple-A releases back in March, this past month saw the games industry lose a bit of steam in terms of major software launches for PS3. In fact, we’d go so far as to label April a tad disappointing, though if anything at least it gave us a chance to chew th...

  • Prototype 2 battles: how to beat the final boss

    Want to know how to beat the final boss in Prototype 2? Look no further as we have a strategy that will make light work of what can be a tricky encounter. SPOLIER ALERT! We suggest that if want to beat the final boss with no help then turn away right now. We don’t want to accidentally spoil t...

  • Prototype 2: is dropping the F-bomb really necessary?

    When used in the right context swearing can be a lot of fun, right? It's only words after all and in every day communication we all expect to hear, and most of us like to dish out, the odd profanity. But when I hear the f**k word every other sentence in Prototype 2 I just find myself switching off, ...

  • 5 Prototype 2 tips for beginners

    When you’re in the thick of it and the odds seem so incredibly stacked against you, Prototype 2 can be extremely challenging. This short guide, which gives you tips on how to beat the bad guys, is aimed toward beginners who may be feeling a little out of their depth. - In the midst of a battl...

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