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Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition
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March 9th, 2010
Release Date (UK):
March 9th, 2010
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M [Mature]
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0 of 1166 Games
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Only on PS3

About Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

Produced by series veteran Jun Takeuchi, this next-generation follow-up to the terrifying series introduces the theme of escape as its core survival instinct. As Chris Redfield (former S.T.A.R.S. member and now part of the BSAA unit), your life is in danger as you strive to complete your most dangerous mission yet in a sweltering desert colony where a new breed of evil has been unleashed. Swarms of marauding evil beings will charge at you when your pulse is racing at a heart-shattering pace. Environments will play a bigger factor than ever here, using the power of next-gen systems to create a world where terror might lurk in any alcove or shadow. Powerful lighting effects overwhelm the player with mirage movement and blinding brilliance, and even in the light of day, there is no safe haven in this Resident Evil. This expanded Gold Edition improves on the original Resident Evil 5 in a number of ways, packing in four content packages -- two downloadable episodes of all-new RE5 action (including a chapter that pairs RE5 hero Chris Redfield with RE series veteran Jill Valentine) as well as a host of new costumes for the game's characters.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition News

  • Resident Evil Move patch dated, detailed

    A patch for Resident Evil 5 will add support for the PlayStation Move. Capcom has confirmed that the patch will be available on Sept. 19. It should be noted, again, that the patch will only work for the Gold Edition of the game. Capcom has said there are technical issues preventing the addition ...

  • Check out RE5's Barry and Rebecca in action

    Capcom has unveiled fresh footage of the upcoming Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, depicting Mercenaries newcomers Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers in action. From the look of things, Burton likes to get down and dirty with his opponents, head butting and pistol-whipping his opponents with the but...

  • Famitsu unveils two new RE5: Gold Edition characters

    The latest issue of Japan’s gaming bible Famitsu has confirmed Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers as the final two playable characters in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition’s Mercenaries Reunion mode. Both characters appeared in the original Resident Evil as part of the S.T.A.R.S team sent ...

  • Watch RE5: Gold Edition's Excella and Josh in action

    Capcom has served up a fresh batch of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition videos focusing on Mercenaries: Reunion newcomers Excella Gionne and Josh Stone. Given the whole ‘Reunion’ subtitle for the kill ‘em all mini-game, we were rather hoping that old faces Barry Burton and Rebecca C...

  • New Resident Evil 5 mercenaries character revealed

    Capcom has lifted the curtains on a new playable character to be featured in the ‘Mercenaries: Reunion’ mini-game in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. The character in question is none other than sultry Tricell bigwig Excella Gionne, who works alongside blonde bad guy Albert Wesker in th...

  • New Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition trailer

    Capcom has unleashed a new trailer for its upcoming Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (known as 'Alternative Edition in Japan) for your consumption. Seen below, the trailer depicts both gameplay and cut-scene footage taken from the new 'Lost in Nightmares' and 'Desperate Escape' scenarios. For those ...

  • Capcom reveals Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

    Capcom has confirmed that its forthcoming Resident Evil 5 downloadable content will be receiving a physical release after all, under the moniker of RE5: Gold Edition. Due out in North America and Europe in March 2010, Gold Edition throws in the original game, all existing downloadable content, fr...

  • RE5: Alternative Edition to release as DLC

    Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition will be released in downloadable content form for PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE marketplace next spring. The company held a fan poll early last month prompting users to pick whether they’d like to see the game released as ei...

  • Capcom asks if you want RE5: Alternative Edition as boxed or DLC release

    While Japanese gamers are being lumbered with only one choice as to how they can acquire Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition next spring, Capcom is giving its western fans the chance to influence how the upcoming wand-compatible horror outing will arrive in North America via a poll on its blog &nda...

  • RE5: Alternative Edition shots showcase 'Lost in Nightmares'

    Capcom has released a fresh batch of images of next year’s eagerly anticipated wand-waggling Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition, showcasing the new side mission entitled ‘Lost In Nightmares.’ Set a few years before the events of Resident Evil 5, Lost in Nightmares centres on B...

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Features

  • PS3's top 6 lamest villains

    Since launching six years ago, Sony’s PlayStation 3 has seen more than its fair share of heroic types flying the flag for our beloved black behemoth. Invariably this means we’ve also seen our fair share of memorable villains, from the likes of Zoran Lazarverich, the Chimera, and Albert W...

  • In the Spotlight: Barry Burton

    In our last entry we heaped praise on one of the PlayStation brand’s most iconic bad guys – Tekken’s resident bad boy and seemingly indestructible pensioner, Heihachi Mishima. Shifting back to the good guys this week, and to coincide with RE5’s much anticipated ‘Lost in...

  • Five reasons we are stoked for Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition

    This year’s Tokyo Game Show proved highly significant for the folks at Sony, with the Japanese hardware manufacturer unleashing a barrage of triple-A software offerings for eager punters to get their grubby mitts on for the first time, such Polyphony Digital’s hotly anticipated Gran Turi...

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