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  • Resonance of Fate to release simultaneously in U.S. and Europe

    SEGA has announced that tri-ace developed RPG Resonance of Fate will receive a simultaneous release in North America and Europe in early 2010. Speaking to, Jun Yoshino, localisation producer for SEGA Europe, commented: “America and Europe is the same release. Usually the Euro...

  • Resonance of Fate debut English trailer

    There's little to define this latest Resonance of Fate video as the "English" trailer, except that it doesn't feature the Japanese seen in the End of Eternity trailer. To clarify for those that haven't been keeping track, they're the same game. Anyway, Tri-Ace's Resonance of Fate is a &...

  • SEGA unveils new PS3 RPG

    For everyone complaining that the PlayStation 3 gets the short end of the stick when it comes to RPGs, has Sega got an announcement for you. Developed by Tokyo-based studio tri-Ace, Resonance of Fate, known as End of Eternity in Japan, will make its way to the west in Spring 2010. Tri-Ace has a ...

  • Stylish End of Eternity trailer debuts

    End of Eternity's debut trailer has us pretty pumped from the get go. While it may open with a peaceful winter day, the serenity ends quickly in favor of Devil May Cry-like gun-play. The title -- which is published by SEGA and directed by Tri Ace -- has two of the better names behind it from this ge...

  • Sega reveals End of Eternity screenshots, details

    Sega and Tri-Ace have given Famitsu the first look at their upcoming RPG, End of Eternity. Three characters have been revealed so far. One character, Subject 20, was raised as an experiment, and is set to die within a year of her 20th birthday. Knowing that she has little time left, she escapes f...

  • Tri-Ace RPG is End of Eternity

    If you're like us, you've been curious about that wretched countdown timer on Tri-Ace's secret role-playing game page. As expected, however, Famitsu has landed the exclusive unveiling of that RPG within its latest issue. Furthermore, like with all issues of Famitsu, someone has scanned and uploaded ...

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