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SingStar Vol. 2
Sub Genre:
Music / Dancing
Release Date (US):
October 28th, 2008
Release Date (UK):
Online Players:
SCE London
T [Teen]
PSU Rank:
491 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
344 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Exclusively on PS3

About SingStar Vol. 2

Sing along with your favorite artists in the newest installment of Sony's popular music game, SingStar.



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SingStar Vol. 2 offers up more of the same, but at $40 isn't worth the purchase price when you may only tolerate half the tracks available, if that.

We like

  • Song list is slightly more varied

We dislike

  • No additional features
  • PS Eye is still mirrored
  • Songs not available on SingStore

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SCE London Studios has been busy and that usually means another edition of SingStar is in the works or is being released. In this case, it's both. Not content with shipping its latest instalment, SingStar Vol 2 across North America recently, the company is also busy coding away on a third instalment in its ubiquitous karaoke franchise. Although the core gameplay elements remain consistently identical throughout the series, it&...

SingStar Vol. 2 News

  • SingStar gets Trophies tomorrow, voice control next week

    SingStar fans are in for a treat tomorrow, when the game receives the free 3.01 update, which adds Trophy support. There are 35 Trophies in total with the following breakdown: Bronze: 21 Silver: 8 Gold: 5 Platinum: 1 If you want help becoming a SingStar, check out the game's Trophy page rig...

  • SingStar Trophies unlock PlayStation Home rewards

    For the first time ever, PlayStation Trophies earned in a game will equate to actual items -- well, actual fake items, that is. Let's rephrase: the new SingStar Trophies will earn you rewards in PlayStation Home, Sony's 3D social application. The Trophies that will net you Home goodies are: - ...

  • Sony confirms wireless SingStar mics

    To be honest, we were starting to give up on Sony and wireless microphones for their popular karaoke franchise, SingStar. However, in a surprise announcement today, a representative for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) confirmed that the company is in the process of testing wireless mic...

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