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  • Gamescom 2012: Street Fighter x Tekken PS Vita screens

    Capcom’s unleashed a punchy collection of Street Fighter x Tekken PlayStation Vita images for you to feast your eyes on. Have a quick glance at a teaser shot below, then flying kick your way over to our gallery to view the full collection. The handheld brawler will be released on October 23...

  • Street Fighter x Tekken PS Vita release date announced

    Capcom has announced that the PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken will be released in Europe on October 19. It'll show up in North America on October 23, and arrives in Japan on October 25. The crossover brawler features 55 characters, including the console version’s orig...

  • Final box art for Vita's Street Fighter X Tekken revealed

    Capcom has today revealed the official Street Fighter X Tekken Vita box art at the San Diego Comic-Con.  New characters take the forefront of the Vita version’s box, as touted by the recently unleashed SF X Tekken Vita features trailer. Take a look at the box art below: ...

  • New Street Fighter X Tekken trailer shows crazy Vita-only features

    Capcom today unleashed a new trailer during Comic-Con showcasing the Vita-exclusive features that we can expect to see in Street Fighter X Tekken. Sporting a whopping 55 characters total, Near support, Adhoc Fight Requests, Replay Exchange, Gallery Mode, and surprisingly cool AR support, the Vita v...

  • Street Fighter x Tekken to feature Vita-PS3 cross-platform play, new videos inside

    Owning a PlayStation Vita copy of Street Fighter X Tekken will allow you to compete against PlayStation 3 players thanks to cross-platform play, Capcom has revealed. You’ll be able to do this via Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity on the Vita. In addition, the Vita version will feature touch contro...

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