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March 24th, 2009
Release Date (UK):
March 27th, 2009
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Midway Newcastle
T [Teen]
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217 of 1166 Games
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188 of 0 Games
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Also available on Xbox 360 and PC

About Wheelman

Combining spectacular Hollywood-style stunts with a gripping storyline, The Wheelman provides an adrenaline-fueled, cinematic thrill ride guaranteed to leave you breathless. Vin Diesel stars as an undercover agent and highly skilled driver who must infiltrate the Barcelona underworld to gather intelligence surrounding a covert heist. Posing as a driver-for-hire, he ends up caught in a crossfire of corruption and chaos while trying to stay one step ahead of local law enforcement and rival gangs.



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A fast-paced, arcade-style driving game with a few impressive tricks up its sleeve.

We like

  • The cinematic crashes and jumps
  • Pulling off super moves
  • The nicely balanced range of objectives

We dislike

  • The lack of variety in vehicle handling
  • The dull on-foot combat
  • The unintelligent A.I.

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It's blatantly apparent from the outset that Midway Newcastle has taken some of its design inspiration for Wheelman directly from the Grand Theft Auto series. With such a heavy focus on driving missions, the developer would have been crazy if it hadn't attempted to imitate some of the same features that can be found in one the finest examples of vehicle-based gameplay in this particular genre, so we're certainly not going to k...

Wheelman News

  • PS3 is a "pain in the ass," says Wheelman dev

    Wheelman executive producer Shaun Himmerick has labelled Sony’s PlayStation 3 a “huge pain in the ass," suggesting developers utilize the system as the lead platform when working on multiplatform games to spare them of any headaches. Himmerick noted the disparities between the P...

  • Ubisoft gains publishing duties for Wheelman

    In case you haven't heard, Midway is in pretty bad shape right now. This left gamers wondering what would happen to a variety of Midway titles that were expected to release this year. Thankfully, France-based Ubisoft stepped up to the plate to claim the publishing duties for the upcoming driving tit...

  • Midway's Wheelman shifts gears, finds home at Ubisoft?

    With news just in that Midway has filed for bankruptcy, it appears that its Vin Diesel-injected driving game Wheelman may have shifted publishers. According to Kotaku's sources, Wheelman may have found a home at Ubisoft. It is also speculated that the game will be delayed and retitled to match U...

  • Wheelman delayed, pre-launch demo confirmed

    Midway has confirmed that it has pushed the launch of Wheelman back to March 20, having previously pencilled the title in for release on February 16. As a result of the delay, the publisher confirmed that a playable demo of the game will be released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live prior to i...

  • New trailer for The Wheelman released by Midway

    Midway Studios Newcastle has released a new trailer for their upcoming game The Wheelman, staring Hollywood muscle man Vin Diesel. A joint game and movie development project, The Wheelman is about an expert driver who comes out of retirement to protect a woman from his past. The trailer below fea...

  • Midway: Wheelman development blindsided by GTA IV

    Midway's Simon Woodroffe has revealed that development of free-roaming vehicular action spectacular The Wheelman was hindered by the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. According to Woodroffe, who serves as Creative Director, GTA IV conditioned a consumer preference for more realistic driving experien...

  • The Wheelman shipping worldwide on February 16

    Midway Games has confirmed that its high-octane driving outing The Wheelman will be shipping globally on February 16, 2009, with the title arriving on UK shores on February 20. Co-producer by burley action man Vin Diesel, The Wheelman takes the form of an open world driving game featuring intense...

  • The Wheelman delayed until 2009

    Midway has confirmed that it has delayed the release of its forthcoming action/adventure title The Wheelman until early 2009. Speaking to Kotaku at the San Diego Comic Con this week, the publisher revealed that the game would now hit stores in the first quarter of 2009, having previously been sla...

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