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Electronic Entertainment Expose [E3] 2004
Start date:
November 30th -0001
End date:
November 30th -0001

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Electronic Entertainment Expose [E3] 2004 News

  • PlayStation 2 reduced to $149

    At Sony's Recent E3 event, Kaz Hirai announced that Sony's console will now be the same price as the Xbox. Sony Computer Entertainment America president and COO Kaz Hirai reminisced about the decade since the PlayStation's debut at the 1995 E3. Sony has since shipped 170 million units of hardware, ...

  • PSU E3 2004 Roundup

    The main news of E3 has been Sony unveiling the new PSP handheld and a discussion of the “cell” processor which is what is currently believed to be the PS3’s chip. Sony also took the expected step of lowering the price of the PS2 to $149. The PSP features a stylish 4.3 inch 16x9 LC...

  • PS3 to be unveiled at E3 2004?

    According to the rumour site C&VG the PS3 will be unveiled at E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) in spring 04'. Funnily enough its not the first time rumours like this have been made, and to set the record straight it is extremely unlikely that PS3 would be unveiled so early. Sony has a hist...