PS3Portal takes a pre-show look inside TGS!

  • Posted September 14th, 2005 by

Aaron here reporting from TGS with another report on the buzz surrounding the show... today I got the chance to get inside to see TGS being setup for the big show, and things are cooking right along for Friday’s big opening day. Construction workers are working round the clock setting up booths, unloading large freight containers, setting up decorations – the works. There are at least 3 huge buildings that will be full of booths from PC related, mobile, online gaming and of course console gaming.

Walking around inside a few of the main convention centers, most of the booths were heavily under construction (framework for most of the booths were still not up as of earlier on today) but I did see a huge Bandai/Namco balloon being blown up, and some Capcom posters (RE4 to name one). That was about it unfortunately, as this was the first day that workers started constructing the booths and nothing was setup as of yet.

One thing I noticed was the tight security – there was Japanese security guards fact you could not even drive you car into the area unless you had a special TGS permit. Also, only booth exhibitors and construction workers were permitted to enter as well, making this TGS report a rare one. There will be some big surprises at this show, and with that, everything is tightly locked down.

Lastly, walking around booths you tend to see things you probably shouldn’t see as of yet. I’m not going to spoil the surprise but... SEGA will have something EXTRA special at this year’s TGS, and it’s not arcade or software related.

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