Howard Stringer on PS3, CELL and High-Def

  • Posted October 10th, 2005 by Seb Hayes

Last week, at CEATEC event in Japan, Sony Corporations Chairman and CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, made a keynote speech regarding Sony's revitalization and it's role in the ever changing Consumer Electronics world. We bring you the most interesting part of his speech that elaborated Sony's role in the consumer electronic business and also in the next-generation console race.

Some of the things discussed in his 30 minute keynote speech were concerning PlayStation Portable, PS3, CELL, Blu-ray, High-Definition and the future of Sony. First time ever in Sony's history, a foreign CEO is going to lead the Japanese consumer giant. To make it less boring for our readers, we only took the parts that would concern you the most, gaming related stuff. So here it is, a breakdown of some of the main points of Sir Howard Stringer's keynote speech.

PlayStation Portable

Sony's PSP, only 9 months after it's launch has sold "Six million" units. Most successful portable game console in history.

The device's functionality is set to expand further in the future. Users of the current PSP will soon be appointing the device's built-in WiFi to watch video from home entertainment terminals anytime, anywhere in the world.

Expect to see a PSP with a high capacity memory-stick, in which users will be able to browse the television and film content and can also be synchronized with a digital video recorder. The PSX has the capability to move content to the PSP and currently is available in Japan.

PlayStation is one of the rare devices to have obtained the status of a popular item. And if you wonder why we speak of PlayStation Nation, listen to this, the no. of PlayStations in the world now equals the combined populations of Japan, South Korea and Australia. That would be about two hundred million machines. And no matter where in the world we are, they are all speaking the same language.

Sony has the world's no.1 console game business. Sony's PlayStation portable had a blockbuster debut especially in Europe and US. The customers didn't have to take a leap of faith. They can see the quality with their own eyes with the included Spiderman2 UMD. Demand for additional UMD movies grew instantly.

Sony Pictures and MGM are now enjoying with major Hollywood studios distributing UMD movies for the PlayStation Portable. The Chinese film "House of Flying Daggers" took only 3 months to ship nearly 100,000 UMD copies.

No other format has got this much content support since DVD's launch about 8 years ago.

PlayStation 3, Cell and it's significance in the High Definition Era

Stringer was very excited to discuss the importance of PlayStation 3 in Sony's future business strategies,"The PS3, due out in Spring, promises to be our biggest breakthrough yet. Words do not adequately convey the visual and emotional impact of the PS3. It plays in high definition and high drama. And it plays Blu-ray, the high-definition disc that will become the standard of excellence for new generation of recording media."

He had a lot to say about the CELL microprocesser. Indeed half of Sony's future is banking on the CELL technology and it surely is the de facto standard for all the future products that Sony will be bringing out in the coming years. How Sony will implement the CELL into general consumer products isn't clear yet. What's obvious is that Sony has decided to make it's move towards the high-definition era and it sees CELL technology as something that can guarantee Sony a major leap ahead of it's competitors. Stringer's words were more than a proof of this observation.

"The Cell microprocessor which Sony developed with IBM and Toshiba clearly sets the PS3 apart. It is 35 times faster than the processor in the PS2. 10 times the power of a standard PC and twice the processing power of Microsoft's new Xbox360. This technology allows for super computer like performance, moving quality images and the degree of realism that is simply amazing in a home gaming device. It's been said in the press that no other chip in the world can touch it. We are confident that this is true."

"The PS3 is only the beginning for ... (continued on next page)

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