Ninja Gaiden Sigma Cheats

  • Posted July 15th, 2007 by

* Unlock Five Extra Missions
At the mission mode screen, press:

Up, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square


* Unlock Costumes
Beat the game on the corresponding difficulty to obtain each costume:

Classic Ryuken costume - Beat story mode on Normal
Ashtar Ryu costume - Beat store mode on Hard

* Golden Scarab Unlockables
Obtaining the corresponding number of Golden Scarabs will unlock a rare item:

Life of Gods - 1 Golden Scarab
Armlet of Potency - 5 Golden Scarabs
Lives of the Thousand Gods - 10 Golden Scarabs
Spirit of the Devils - 15 Golden Scarabs
Dabilahro - 20 Golden Scarabs
The Armlet of Celerity - 25 Golden Scarabs
The Armlet of Benediction - 30 Golden Scarabs
Great Spirit Elixir - 35 Golden Scarabs
Armlet of Fortune - 40 Golden Scarabs
Jewel of the Demon Seal - 45 Golden Scarabs
Plasma Saber MkII - 50 Golden Scarabs

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