Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City Cheat

  • Posted December 11th, 2006 at 06:55 EDT by Seb Hayes

Unlockable Cars:

Successfully beat the following bosses to unlock corresponding car.

Unlock Toyota MR2, Firebird and '67 Mustang:
Beat Poorboy.

Unlock Corvette, Mercedes SL65 and Ford GT:
Beat Scotty.

Unlock Carrera GT and Lamborghini Gallardo:
Beat Clutch.

Unlock Chevy Cobalt SS and VW Golf GTI:
Beat Marcus.

Unlock Chrysler 300 and Pontiac GTO:
Beat Layla 1.

Unlock Lotus Elise and Mustang GT:
Beat Steve.

Unlock Skyline GTR, RX-7 and WRX STI:
Beat Buddy.

Unlock RX-8, Toyota Supra and Audi TT:
Beat Layla 3.

Unlock Mitsubishi Eclipse:
Beat Sly.

Unlock Pontiac Solstice:
Beat Striker

Unlock Aston Martin DB9:
Beat Jenna.

Unlock 911 Carrera S:
Beat MK.

Unlock Nissan 350Z:
Beat Daemon.


Unlockable Cars
In the Challenge Series menu complete the following events to unlock the corresponding car.

Unlock Mazda RX7 (Tuner):
In the Boss Battle beat Kenji.

Unlock Nissan 240SX (Tuner):
Complete ALL 3 'Checkpoint' challenges.

Unlock Aston Martin DB9 (Exotic):
In Boss Battle mode beat Wolf.

Unlock Jaguar XK 2007 (Exotic):
Complete ALL 3 'Turf War' races.

Unlock Dodge Charger RT Classic (Muscle):
Beat the 21st Muscle Car Gang.

Unlock Crew Members
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding crew member:

Unlock Nikki:
Joins after defeating ALL 3 beginning Bosses.

Unlock Sal:
Joins after 4-6 races.

Unlock Yumi:
Joins after defeating Kenji/Bushido.

Unlock Samson:
Joins after defeating Angie/21st Street.

Unlock Colin:
Joins after defeating Wolf/TFK.

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