Ratchet & Clank Future Hands On: The Weapons

  • Posted August 17th, 2007 at 18:26 EDT by

While attending a Sony Event for press last week in California, PSU.com was able to get new details and hands on with Insomniac's upcoming PlayStation 3 adventure, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

Once inside the Insomniac studio the press were divided into groups each starting in a separate room where a developer or producer would go over certain aspects of the game.


- Insomniac confirmed there would be a total of 23 weapons and 8-9 gadgets.

- Merchants in every level to purchase weapons, ammo, and gadgets.

- Every weapon has an upgrade development tree to increase aspects of the weapons. You can use the items you collect to purchase upgrades. Every weapon has a secret upgrade.

The following weapons were either demoed or playable...

- Predator Rockets: multi-lock aim missiles

- Death Springs: deadly grenade that bursts pink slinkies that destroy everything in there path...good way to clear enemy infested areas.

- Negotiator: Splash attack weapon

- Plasma Beasts: green goo that homes monsters to kill unsuspecting enemies...basically a trapping weapon.

- Alpha Disrupter: most powerful weapon that requires charging

- Geolazer: uses sixaxis to cut away ice or walls

- Combuster: average gun

- Buzz Blades: shoots multiple spinning saw blades

- Visocopter: helicopter that uses the sixaxis to move. Shoots and self destroys.

- Transmorpher: turns enemies into penguins

- Groovitron: Disco ball that disables enemies and turns them into 70's disco dancers. -Best Weapon in game!

- Mr. Zurkon: summoned robot you follows Ratchet and shoots enemies.

- James the Galatic Defender: Alternate summon to Mr. Zurkon.

- Robo-Wings: Metallalic wings that allow Ratchet to fly around the level.

Check back soon for our the next part in this Hands On series.

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