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Warhawk is an amazing multiplayer experience. Almost everything is spot on, and players will have a lot of fun taking on different roles and trying out different tactics to reach their objectives. This title is a must-have for PS3 owners.

We like

  • Simplistic menus and descriptions will help anyone become a server host and ranked pilot.
  • There's a ton of ranks, ribbons and medals to earn.
  • Graphics are beautifully enticing.

We dislike

  • Steep learning curve without documentation or tutorials.
  • Only works on one PSN account if you download it.

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(continued from previous page) ...make sure the opposing team does not breach your bounds.

Warhawk’s beauty is essentially supplemented by an amazing gameplay structure. The players are given numerous methods, some devious, to eliminate their opponents. As you fight tremendously for your team’s ground, there are seven aerial weapons and nine ground weapons. In addition, three vehicles are found in the game for road rage fun or simple flag retrieval. To prevent any Warhawk from swooping down and just taking the flag, three turret types are allowed to the player to auto track missiles to a Warhawk’s inevitable and unfortunate doom. So much for thinking you were almost there! Incognito truly went out of their way and above and beyond to make sure that the weaponry adjustability is perfect, without one single flaw. Complimented with the variety of weapons, there is literally a detailed book as to different ways that these weapons can be used. With such stability and flexibility in the gameplay, the focus to Warhawk’s weapon system is quite an impressive one. Every weapon is detailed with a specific counter or counter situation. For instance, laid mines can be destroyed with bursts from a flamethrower. Extremely powerful weapons like the rocket launcher turret and the laser targeting binoculars take time to unload their full power in a very realistic manner. Faster weapons such as pistols and rifles do less damage. Thankfully, this attention to detail prevents a “say hello to my lil’ friend” scenario of blazing guns after attempting to raid the enemy with your jeep a long with the Warhawk flying in for a flag capture scenario.

In addition to such a beautifully crafted weapon system, the same can be said about the balance between ground troops and vehicles of all sorts. The balance with the weapon system goes hand in hand with the overarching soldier-type balance. Ground troops aren't heavily armored, and can go down to a mounted turret, aerial attack or be run over by a vehicle. With their ground tactics, the troops can destroy either turrets or planes with an assortment of arms. If you get shot down by someone with a rocket launcher, tough luck - better hope they ran out of ammunition if you come strolling in the next time around! Turrets are formidable weapons, but leave you vulnerable to attack due to the noise they create and the fact that they’re merely fixed mounds. With Warhawks, destroying anything easily via lock on missiles is a simple task, but to teach soldiers, vehicles and turret shooters a lesson without a cluster bomb, the planes have to hover in place. It’s then necessary that a player does not hover around for too long, then the weapons system might come into effect, and a ground troop might have ample opportunity to counterattack.

From this balanced weapons system and finely tuned gameplay aspect, battles between experienced Warhawk players often turn into complex skirmishes. Attacks on key bases to hold are more apparent this time around. You and everyone on your team immediately know what they need to accomplish to declare victory over the other team. With all of these unbelievable additions and exquisite balance between the weapons system and the harmony in the options of choosing whether to be on foot or in the air, Incognito truly delivers a living, breathing, life for players to take control of and live through in fast paced action adventure warfare.

On screen itself you will be aided by a HUD system, which helps to indicate what areas your team controls, where you should be heading and if any dangers are around the vicinity. As most of the maps available in Warhawk are absolutely massive, the inclusion of this HUD system is a pure genius on Incognito’s part.

The control scheme, which is responsive and beautifully integrated with Sixaxis, adds to the life of the soldiers that players assume command of. Using this, players are given ample options to adjust their controls with. The optimisation levels around including not only inverting the analogue sticks but also even engaging Sixaxis function for the ground vehicles and aircraft. Even though the Sixaxis brilliantly responds to the set customisation level, it's pleasing to have the option to turn that mode on and off at will instead ... (continued on next page)

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