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This game will bring you to a world similar to ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’. If you enjoy dark and gloomy, yet mildly amusing while still entertaining titles, then you’ll never feel regret over picking this title up at retail prices.

We like

  • Incredible voice acting amuses
  • Graphics are incredibly high quality compared to what’s currently available
  • Mini-games are brilliant little time-wasters

We dislike

  • Clumsy accuracy occasionally frustrates
  • Awkward camera angles

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Does a game ever make a lasting impression on you that you still look forward to a similar title ten years down the road? Luckily, that's exactly how we felt about MediEvil Resurrection.

MediEvil is a series which started up on the original PlayStation console. Over 10 years ago, a sword wielding maniac dressed in nothing but his skeletal remains took on a horde of witless zombies. Now he’s back and better than ever on the PSP.

The game opens up with a beautiful story-book telling of the past events in the country of Gallowmere. The story is told through a dramatic reading that is very well done and involves text for the hearing impaired. Following this, you’re brought to the main menu, which gives you a solid set of options such as starting your game, playing online, or even enjoying some mini-games. Only a couple of mini-games are available from the get go; however, as you travel through the world in campaign mode, you’ll eventually reach Gallowmere Plains, which is like a carnival in itself that features the remainder of the mini-games in playable format. We’ll discuss this later on, as it’s time to delve into the single-player world.

This rendition of MediEvil starts up with a beautifully rendered CG movie that displays our villain, Zarok, transporting himself to Gallowmere. Once Zarok arrives, he begins taking the souls of all the villagers in order to build the evil Zarok Army which seeks to take over the world. Following this, you’re introduced to Sir Daniel Fortesque and his witty repartee-filled sidekick, Al-Zalam, who has taken up occupancy inside Dan’s skull. Al-Zalam is supposed to be a powerful genie that was stripped of his powers by Zarok, thus why he has a chip on his shoulder.

It’s no surprise that you start out as Sir Daniel Fortesque. He’s a big time coward, big time war hero, and a big time opportunist, searching to prove himself worthy of the Hall of Heroes. You see, our guy Dan ended up dying in a war against the evil Sorcerer Zarok. He took an arrow to the eye before the battle even had the chance to start and that was it. The people of Gallowmere told tales of this great warrior, but the men with whom he fought alongside knew the truth behind those fabled stories.

That was hundreds of years ago, but the evil Zarok has returned to life in resurrected form in order to once more try to conquer the world. The only problem is the same power that brought him back has revived our dear friend and hapless hero, Dan. Given this new chance to prove himself, Dan has decided to step up to the proverbial plate and try to stop the sorcerer. Zarok’s return to Gallowmere has been a nasty one, as he has started his mindless zombie army all over again. We all know what that means - it’s go time.

You begin in Dan’s Crypt. It is a place befit for a hero, yet no hero lies here. As you move room to room, you’ll find books scattered about. If you decide to check them out, they’ll give you a glimpse into the game’s various mechanics. Make sure to explore the area because you will be able to pick-up your first real weapon (as your left arm is hardly a real weapon), which happens to be a wooden short-sword. There are dummy units placed about so you can get some much needed practice in after your long-uninterrupted rest.

Following Dan’s Crypt you’re thrown right into the Graveyard - fitting right? You’ll traverse this area several times before you ultimately complete the game. Here Dan is given his first steel short-sword and is expected to fight his way to the end. The zombies are obviously no match for our strapping hero, but that’s part of the enjoyment of the game itself. In the Graveyard, you’ll pick up a lot of new weapons such as throwing knives and a spiked club. Your journey to reach heroic proportions starts here and will inevitably end here. After all, you’re still a skeleton.

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