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Turok is your average FPS. There isn’t anything addictive or impressive about it at all, yet there isn’t anything that makes it a rough experience. It’s just what you’d expect out of any everyday shooter on the market (If you’re a vegetarian, this game also isn’t for you.)

We like

  • Stealth kills will keep you playing
  • Dialogue is half-decent
  • Online co-op for what it's worth

We dislike

  • Storyline disappears halfway through
  • Cinematic quality is absurd
  • Textures need alot of work

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Dr. Grant, my dear Dr. Sattler. Welcome to Jurassic… Turok: The only planet in the universe where hordes of vicious raptors eagerly awaited your arrival, only to greet you with one swift gash to the carotid artery. It’s alright though, you’ve been equipped with your trusty…knife?

The game starts you out right away from the eyes of Turok, himself. You find yourself watching a flashback from his murky past, as you sit there letting the adrenaline start up inside you as you watch the first kill, then the second, then you’re staring at yourself through a mirror, before finally awaking. You’ve come out of cryogenic sleep and are aboard a ship filled with soldiers who detest everything about you - it’s expected though, since you’re viewed as a traitor from your last employment opportunity.

Turok’s new objective is to help Whiskey Company track down his former employer, Roland Kane. As the head of an elite organisation known as Wolfpack, of which Turok was also a member, Kane provided you with the launch pad to your career as a mercenary; however, your conscience couldn’t stomach the idea of undertaking some of the more nefarious activities forced upon you by Kane’s leadership, prompting you to soon part ways (explaining the animosity you’ve since had to endure)

On the way to your objective a single missile fires upon your ship and it strikes right at the core. You’re then left to fend for yourself as you must duck, jump, and run your way through the falling shuttle.

Turok and another soldier survive the fall and it seems like it’ll be up to you two to take on the mission. With everyone getting slaughtered around you, you’re soon left to watch the only other known survivors get dragged into the tall grass by a raptor and chewed into mincemeat. You’ll experience a couple of more flashbacks through all of this and finally come across your gun and knife. On your way to the wreck site of the ship, you’ll come across Slade; an arrogant, sarcastic soldier who hates the way you breathe, walk, sleep, eat, and live. It is now up to you and him to make the final push forward.

One of the bright spots of Turok is the weaponry. You’ll be given a variety of choices from standard handguns, Sub Machine Guns, Shotguns, or even a sticky bomb gun. Each gun has two types of fire. These can range from different things such as bursts, silencer, and detonation abilities. Another great part about the weaponry is the fact that you can pretty much dual-wield everything in the game. If you want a standard shotgun teamed up with a handgun, you’re set. If you want to take two shotguns and just blow the bad guys 5 feet back, you’re set.

The only drawback to the entire arsenal of options is that without being an ace marksman with headshots, you’ll be expending a ton of bullets to take down your target. This isn’t that bad if it’s just one or two guys, but sometimes you’ll have a horde of enemies running towards you and there isn’t much you can do. On top of this rather large gripe is the fact that the gun you’re carrying never tells you how much ammo is left in your clip. It lets you know how much you have in reserve, but the clip information is nowhere to be found, this is something they could have greatly put some more time into.

Another aspect that has been particularly well incorporated is the stealth kills. Many times you’ll just enjoy sneaking up on dinosaurs or the enemy and converting button combo stealth kills. These will involve stabbing right through a dinosaur’s skull or slitting their throat. It’s awesome to watch and is a great implementation. The only problem is, it does get old and a tad repetitive, but the attention deficient at heart will never have a problem.

The controls aren’t too shabby either. They’re pretty much your standard FPS controls. You’ll use the directional pad to choose between weapons and your triggers will fire. You’ll also utilize the key buttons to jump, climb, and reload your ... (continued on next page)

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