Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Review

  • Posted March 20th, 2008 at 20:58 EDT by

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Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds

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Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds is an entertaining and challenging experience that will satisfy gamers eight to 80. Be sure to check this one out.

We like

  • New modes offer enjoyable gameplay
  • Beautiful, eye-catching graphics
  • 50-player online tournaments

We dislike

  • 3 GB mandatory install
  • Loading times despite the install
  • Forgettable soundtrack

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(continued from previous page) download content. At the moment only videos are available, but later playable characters, courses, clubs, and clothing will be offered as well.

Hot Shot Golf 5 offers an enormous amount of statistics that allows you to measure how you play versus the competition. Track game data through each round or compare skills in categories such as best average score, driving distance, driving accuracy, greens in regulations, par pace percentage, average putt length, holes-in-one, putting accuracy and so on. The amount of depth in the stat tracking system is certainly appreciated.

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds is an entertaining and challenging experience. This delightful PS3 title should satiate the desires of gamers eight to 80 with its well-crafted gameplay mechanics, lush visuals and vast replay value (which stems from its immense amount of modes and options). Simply put, the title offers plenty of bang for your buck. This game really is “more fun than a hole in one.”

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