Silent Hill: Origins Cheats

Silent Hill: Origins Cheats

Game Endings:

Ending I (Best) – Defeat 200 enemies
Ending II – Complete the game
Ending III (Worst) – In the motel, open room 502

Additional Options:

Complete the game at least once to unlock the following options for use when you start a cleared game:

-Walk/Run: Switches O’Grady’s default movement between running and walking.
-Extra Blood: Enemies bleed more profusely than before
-Noise Filter: Masks radio noise if turned off
-Bloody Footsteps: O’Grady will leave bloody footprints as he moves.
-Torch Protection: Your flashlight will display images of various shapes/objects, including a pentagram, pumpkin, smiloid and soccer ball.

Extra Items:

Meet the requirements detailed below to unlock the following hidden items.

-Fire Axe: Acquire the Fireman title
-Great Cleaver: Complete the game with Ending I
-Moon Gauntlets: Complete the game with any ending
-Unlimited Rifle: Complete the game with Ending III


The following accolades can be obtained by meeting the requirements detailed below; all are cumulative, and thus can be unlocked by playing the same game file continuously.

-Ambassador: Unlock Ending III
-Brawler: Kill half or more of your foes using only your fists
-Butcher: Unlock Ending I
-Cartographer: View your map less than 25 times
-Codebreaker: Use the Konami code
-Collector: Acquire 300 items or more
-Daredevil: Do not save your game
-Explorer: Travel 22.5km or more by walking during your game
-Fireman: Rescue Alessa in less than 80 seconds
-Savior: Complete the game
-Sharpshooter: Kill 75% or more of enemies using a firearm
-Sprinter: Complete the game in under two hours or less
-Stalker: Use your flashlight for less than three hours
-Weaponsmith: Kill 75% or more of enemies using regular weaponry (i.e, no guns)

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