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If you’re looking for a semi-realistic FPS that offers superb online play and a light-hearted single-player experience, Battlefield: Bad Company should be your #1 choice.

We like

  • Destructibility is great
  • Seamless online integration
  • Entertaining dialog

We dislike

  • Not enough online game modes
  • Slight visual tearing
  • No offline co-op

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(continued from previous page) ...crack on eachother throughout the storyline.

While some may feel that it is a tad unrealistic, it only adds to the fun-factor behind the game. People who go into the game expecting to find another Call of Duty 4-esque experience will be very disappointed. Bad Company was designed with the casual gamer in mind and absolutely shines at providing that experience across the board.

Another key aspect to a FPS is how the game handles and the responsiveness of the controls. BF: BC provides a very responsive system that has solid DualShock mapping which provides a seamless transition between actions. You’ll utilize your shoulder buttons to zoom and shoot, while your shoulders will rotate between weaponry and items. Your face buttons do the usual jump, enter vehicles, and oddly, you use triangle to knife your enemy. In short, the controls never feel awkward, which is a solid thing to have when you plan on playing a game that is so geared towards online play like the Battlefield franchise has been.


Anyone who has ever played a Battlefield title online can tell you that the experience is almost unrivaled within the genre. DICE has always done a great job of providing an exciting fast-paced, action filled online experience that would entertain just about anyone. Battlefield: Bad Company continues this trend except it also cripples itself all at the same time. Fortunately the game provides an online atmosphere with great replay value, however DICE decided to release only one game mode out of the box, which is terribly disappointing.

With only Gold Rush to enjoy, BF fans are expected to make the best of it as they fight towards destroying the defending teams gold much like your generic attack and defend situation. I’ll be honest and admit that even with one mode, I found myself playing for three to four hours at a time as the thrill of the kill kept the adrenaline pumping. With EA planning a future FREE update that will implement an entirely new game mode for gamers to enjoy, you can give Bad Company a little bit of leeway until then.

Like a couple of other online shooters, Battlefield works on an experience system in order to unlock new weaponry and new items such as the syringe of health. On top of this, you can still earn badges for marksmanship and other various feats. All of these things compiled together add up to a great online experience that any gamer can enjoy taking part in.


If you’re looking for some minor downfalls from this title outside of the lack of online game modes, you’re going to find very little to actually complain about. However, while the graphics may be above average, there is a slight visual tearing that shows up from time to time. Outside of this, the audio quality is near flawless and the rest of the game plays at a very high level of quality for your dollar.

In the end, Battlefield: Bad Company is another successful outing for the boys over at DICE. Outside of its above average visuals, the game offers addictive gameplay and outstanding audio quality. Bad Company definitely rises above the ranks and falls in with some good company as this game is truly on par with its predecessors.

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