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September 5th, 2008
Release Date (UK):
September 5th, 2008
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EA Canada
Electronic Arts
T [Teen]
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174 of 1166 Games
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155 of 0 Games
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About FaceBreaker

Ever wanted to just break someone's face? Here's your chance! FaceBreaker is an arcade-style boxing game that comes equipped with 12 bone-crushing fighters, each quite capable of rearranging someone's facial features. The game even gives you the option to load your own picture - or someone else's ugly mug - into the game and send it into the ring. The oddball cast of contenders includes Molotov, a Russian demolitions expert who likes to fight dirty; Romeo, a Latin lover who's mastered the pelvic jab; and more. When the fight is done and your opponent's face is deformed, you can bring their head home to hang in your Trophy Room. Ouch.



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FaceBreaker proves that not only is it not a Ready 2 Rumble knock off, it exceeds its supposed predecessor in just about every conceivable manner.

We like

  • Excellent multiplayer experience
  • Solid Create-a-Boxer feature
  • Easy gameplay mechanics

We dislike

  • Too difficult even on the lowest setting
  • Some characters may come off as cheap

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Electronic Arts’ inaugural title in the publisher’s Freestyle brand name is none other than FaceBreaker. Developed by the team that brought you Backyard Boxing, FaceBreaker's crowning highlight is an innovative technology called "real-time facial deformation," allowing gamers to deform their opponent’s faces as the match progresses. The question remains, however, does FaceBreaker punch above its wei...

FaceBreaker News

  • Facebreaker demo coming later this month

    Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will be releasing a demo of Facebreaker for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on July 31. According to reports, the demo will feature a total of three playable characters, Ice, Sparrow and Steve, in addition to two arenas, Booty Caves and Trailer Park. Bouts wil...

  • Facebreaker's debut trailer

    Still have that fight night hangover from Round 3? Lipton Brisk Ice Tea not rejuvenating your senses? Don’t worry about it, kid. Facebreaker has released their world premiere debut trailer for the general public today and we’ve got you covered. EA Sports has brought to you a world wi...

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